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FUSIONPair of Marine 8.8" Classic Signature Speaker 330 Watts

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Pair of Marine 8.8" Classic Signature Speaker 330 Watts

*** Version Française en production***

8.8" 330 WATT Coaxial Classic Marine Speaker

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Pushing the boundaries of what is possible on the water, FUSION’s Signature Series marine speakers are designed to provide unparalleled performance even when exposed to the harshest marine conditions.

Combining ‘CURV’ Cone composite technology with a Silk Dome tweeter and fully sealed crossover components, the Classic White Signature 8.8” speaker system is an elegant solution for premium on-water listening.

These 8.8" Signature Series speakers can handle up to a thunderous 330 Watt peak power. 


CURV Cone Technology - Incorporates CURV woven fiber composite which is heat pressed to form a lighter and stronger cone that delivers greater sound definition and higher output while also providing increased protection from the marine conditions.

Perforated Metal Grille – This discreet, yet refined design is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. The elegant Classic White finish is designed to perfectly blend with the aesthetics of your vessel.

Fully Sealed Crossover Components – Provides full protection from the harsh marine environment, whilst delivering an improved frequency response at the crossover point for a detailed audio spectrum and new level of acoustic performance.

Silk Dome Tweeter - Creates a smooth upper frequency response with increased efficiency, producing crisp sound for unrivalled enjoyment.

Large Diameter Voice Coil – Delivering an increase in real power and efficiency, the voice coil provides a signature sound exclusive to the 8.8” FUSION Speakers.

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